Review: Rude Health 5 Grain 5 Seed Porridge

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Hi everyone,

I thought it was time for another review here in the blog. I love trying new things and porridge I just adore (in case you’ve missed that đŸ˜› ). I’ve been eyeing this porridge for quite a while at Roots & Fruits here in Glasgow and last week I couldn’t help but buy it and try it out. It sounded amazing. I am already a fan of their organic oatmeal so I thought this had to be a hit as well.

So what were my thoughts? It was good but probably not worth it’s price. It didn’t taste much different from normal porridge. It had all the extra added bits in it but I feel like it is something you could mix together yourself but for a much cheaper. Of course, if you find it easier to just pour it up and cook it, I guess that saves time but I can’t really justify it for its price.

It definitely tasted nice but nothing out of this world that’s all.

I guess I’ll just continue with my normal brands until I find something else to try. Any suggestions?

Madeleine xx

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