Extra indulgence

photo 1
Bo Kantina
photo 2
Bread Meats Bread
photo 3


I just wanted you to show what extra indulgence is haha. On Saturday evening we were out for dinner with Jamie’s mum and his brother before picking up Sarah at the airport. We went to Bo Kantina, former Burger Meats Bun. They recently changed their concept entirely and are now serving a fusion of Korean and Mexican food instead of burgers. I wasn’t sure what to think before going there but we were excited to try it. The interior was beautifully colourful. The entire dining experience was amazing. Our waitress was so friendly and knowledgeable about all the food. All the food that came out was heavenly! We can’t wait to go back. I like the fact that you can make healthier choices if you want as they options of brown rice with your food and salad bowls. You can build you dish yourself as well, which makes it a lot easier. Try their Kimchi, it was beautifully delicious!

Yesterday we met up for another indulgence meal at Bread Meats Bread. The last time we were here was exactly a year a go pretty much. The burgers there are absolutely beautiful and they didn’t let us down this time either. I think I have to say their sweet potato chips are perhaps even more delicious. They are so moreish and I could eat the entire bowl of them if I’m not careful. Truly the best burger joint in Glasgow.

After all of that it’s nice to get back to my more vegetarian eating habits, it’s nice to eat these meals out but I can tell my body isn’t quite used to it 😛 But oh my, it was worth it haha.

Now time for the gym! It’s leg day and I’m excited!


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