Our new gym!

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Hi there!

On Thursday, my little sister and Jamie’s mum and brother flew home and everything is now slowly getting back to normal after a hectic week of having family over. It’s always amazing to have people here and it almost feels as though your normal life is on hold. It’s a nice feeling but then reality crashes in when they leave and you realise you need to get back to work and study!

This week was a very exciting week in other ways as well, the new gym extension at my university finally opened. I wasn’t able to go to the official opening on Wednesday, which I would’ve loved to do but headed over on Thursday evening instead. It almost felt like Christmas, I was so excited!

The gym is absolutely amazing and compared to the old gym, it is extremely spacious. Even though I was there during a very busy time, you could really not tell as there were so many machines and weights to use and choose from! It felt a bit like a dream haha. The weight room is incredible and we finally have kettlebells and lots of other exciting equipment such as monkey bars to get your excited for your workout.

I’ve been getting a bit bored of the old gym so this gym opening definitely came at the right time. I’m feeling so inspired and motivated. I was there again yesterday and this morning and I just can’t wait to get back. I’ve actually found it a bit difficult to leave lately 😛 All my workouts have lasted for well over an hour just because there are so many things to try out!

On another happy note, I also booked my flights to go home to Stockholm for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to spending a couple of days with my family and friends just catching up and celebrating the holidays together.

This turned into a very long post… I’m going to stop writing now and get studying, my dissertation and essay awaits! 😛

Speak to you soon xx

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