Trying IKEA veggie balls

photo 3

Hi there my loves!

How are you guys today? It’s Monday and a new week. A chance to start off the week in the best possible way 🙂 I had a lecture this morning and then I met up with Jamie to head off to IKEA to get some bits. It was quite a spontaneous trip, we only decided a day ago that we would go, usually this is something we tend to plan a bit more. We picked up some new candles (I’m a bit candle obsessed), some new glasses, picture frames for the living room, a lamp shade and some other things.

Jamie wanted to have some meatballs while we were there but I really don’t think they’re that nice, homemade onnes are a million times better! I ended up trying out the relatively new veggie balls instead. I chose the 10 piece option (there was a 15 piece option as well but it felt a bit much). I didn’t really know what to expect when I got my plate. They looked a bit dry on the outside. The rice on the side is called jambalaya, which I’d heard of before but never knew what it was until today. Always interesting to try new things!

The dish was actually a lot nicer than I thought it would be. From the look of it I didn’t really expect much but the veggie balls were really nice and moist on the inside and had a lovely flavour. The rice was a bit mushy but I still thought it tasted good. Overall, I would order it again just because it tasted a lot fresher than the super processed meatballs 😛 It was very filling and I couldn’t finish it all. It’s probably not the best for you this dish but sometimes you just have to choose the best you can, health-wise. If you’re unsure whether you dare to take the leap, I think you should definitely give them a go!

Overall it was a successful IKEA trip and now we’re very excited about making the flat a bit more like our home x


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