I’ve had four hours of lectures today in a row so my brain is feeling a bit tired this evening. I met up with Jamie afterwards and we did a huge food shop! Our fridge has been quite empty lately and no one likes an empty fridge. So now we’re fully stocked up and I’ve got stuff to try out a new recipe from my new recipe book I got from my lovely friend Emma as a belated birthday present. She’s knows my obsession with cookbooks. I’ll share my thoughts on it once I’ve had a chance to try a couple of recipes 🙂

My plan was to go to the gym tonight but I’ve been feeling quite weird for the past couple of days with strange stomach pains, aches all over my body and just feeling tired. I’ve had no idea what it is because I haven’t felt like this before. Today when I was speaking to my friends in my lecture and they said they have been feeling the same so maybe it’s something going around. It felt a bit reassuring, I thought there was just something wrong with me at first 😛 I’ve been trying to get lots of sleep and rest so I think I’m just going to take it easy tonight and hope that I’m fit for fight tomorrow after work instead. I might try and do some yoga tonight to relax.

Take care of yourselves and talk to you soon xxx

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