Mini anniversary celebration

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Hello lovelies!

Hope you’ve all had an amazing week so far! I’ve had a busy day of lectures all day so I’m a bit tired now. Jamie and I felt slightly under the weather this morning so as a 3 year and 1 month anniversary celebration I got us both a large green juice each and some tasty raw desserts from Juice Garden on my way home. I went big and had a flu shot as well (ginger, lemon and seaweed). I’ll never stop being amazed at how amazing ginger is when you’re feeling unwell. Who needs all these unnatural weird supplements when you can eat fruit and veg?

The raw desserts I got were a raw Mars and Bounty bar. They were both incredible! I could not pick a favourite. They tasted so fresh but decadent at the same time. I could live off those things. Perhaps not the healthiest thing to live off 😛 Because they’re so packed with nuts and dates and other ingredients they make you ridiculously full unlike the sweets you get in shops that are full of junk.

It was nice having a little cake and juice date with Jamie before he headed to work. Now I’m sitting a contemplating whether I should go to the gym or not. I’m feeling good but it’s just deciding whether I think my workout would help me get better or trigger my cold. It’s borderline now and I don’t want to risk getting ill… However, exercise can sometimes help me feel better so I don’t know… I can be so indecisive sometimes!

Speak to you soon!

Madeleine xxx

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