My Saturday

Hello my dears!

Yesterday was such an amazing day! I finally managed to drag my sister Ellie to Saturday morning yoga at Lululemon. It was so nice to see her and the class was amazing . The teacher we got to practice with was Holly from the Kali Collective and I loved every minute of it. She was funny and made you feel incredibly relaxed. At the end of the class I felt really relaxed and enegergised. I also love noticing the improvements I’ve made the last two months, nothing too drastic but I feel more flexible and more confident in all the poses, which definitely a small victory for me.

I also bumped into my friend Faye who was there for the class with a friend and it was lovely catching up with her and hearing about all her amazing plans!

When I got back Jamie and I had a delicious brunch for lunch . He had found some smoked trout that we were really excited to try. We’ve had it once before and loved it. This was one was beautiful as well! I will definitely swap out my smoked salmon for some smoked trout more in the future when I do eat a bit of fish. Trout is a lovely fatty fish full with Omega 3, B vitamin and lean protein. So even more of a reason to give it a go if you haven’t!

The evening was spent with Kajsa, I cooked Madeleine Shaw’s Celeriac and Parsnip soup for us for dinner (second time I’ve had it this week because it’s that good hehe). Then we headed to the cinema to watch The Dressmaker. It was not at all as we expected it to be. It was quite good, it made me laugh a couple of times and it was sad in parts as well. I’m glad we went to watch it but I probably wouldn’t watch it again :p

Time for me to study. The sun is shining so I think I’ll force Jamie out for a walk with me when he’s up (he was working late yesterday).


Madeleine xxx

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