Nakd Bar overload

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Hi everyone,

I’m back on the blog. How are all of you? I’ve well. I’m in Sweden at the moment, home for the holidays and enjoying some quality time with friends and family.

A while ago I wrote to Nakd after a disappointing Nakd bar experience and they really went above and beyond! I wrote to them on Twitter saying that a Nakd bar I had just did not taste right at all. They were extremely quick with their response. I didn’t mean to complain I just asked whether the Nakd bar in question was meant to taste that way (it was a new flavour I tried). They immediately asked for my email address and a customer assistant got in touch with to send out a box of Nakd bars to me as an apology. I really didn’t expect this at all and it was extremely generous of them!

So two days later, a Nakd box arrived to my flat full of all their flavours! What incredible customer service! This really made me so happy and it’s nice to see a company really value their customers this way. There are a couple of flavours I haven’t tried before so I’ll try and put a mini review of my favourites and least favourites once I’ve been through the box 😛


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