An evening at Sticks’n’Sushi & The Artesian

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Hi lovelies,

I’m so busy this week but I thought I would share another London dining experience with you. This is one for all the sushi lovers out there! Sorry for the blurry phone photos, I let my camera rest for the day (heavy to carry around and my handbag was too small…).

We didn’t just eat indulge in all the amazing healthy food spots in London, but also had some delicious less healthy meals as well. For one of our dinners we gave the Danish restaurant Sticks’n’Sushi a try. They have two restaurants in London and after reading the amazing reviews, we felt like we had give their Covent Garden restaurant a try.

The sushi was absolutely beautiful and our waitress was extremely helpful when we asked for help narrowing down our options. The yakitori was delicious as well and you even had the option of just choosing one stick, which is good if you are not wanting to try the same thing as your dinner company. However, for us the sushi there was the winner! We even ended up ordering in more instead of having a dessert. The dessert menu did look tempting but sushi won in the end 😛

When you’re dating a bartender, trying out some of the cocktail bars is a must. We headed to The Langham hotel to try out the cocktails at the Artesian. Jamie wanted to visit it as it is meant to be the best cocktail bar in the world. It started off well and ended on a bitter note when the cocktails were nowhere near as good as we hoped they would be. We just expected a lot more for the money you pay and all of it just felt a bit uninspired. I ended up barely touching my cocktail and the staff nicely enough took it off our bill. What a shame but stuff like that happens as well. Luckily London is full of other amazing cocktail bars and the next evening we had a far better experience.


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