26 Grains, Neal’s Yard



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For our first breakfast in London we decided to go to 26 Grains, tucked away in Neal’s Yard. It was only a short walk from where we stayed and being porridge obsessed I had to give it a go. I’ve been drooling over their Instagram profile for far too long and just felt like it was time to see if it lived up to their beautiful photos.

The inside of 26 Grains is tiny! There is barely any seating in there. Luckily it wasn’t busy when we arrived and we got a seat straight away. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the stools, it felt like sitting on a pole but it was okay. I thought the place would be a lot cosier and welcoming and I didn’t really get that. I also wish they would’ve played some music in the background and that it had been a bit warmer in (I was freezing and had to put my jacket on).

It took me forever to make up my mind but in the end I chose the Nordic Spice porridge and Jamie had the Hazelnut & Butter. I decided to enjoy a cup of a healthy chai latte whilst waiting for our food. It was so nice and comforting in the cold weather.

So what did we think of the porridge? I can’t say I was super excited over mine. I didn’t like the yoghurt (didn’t really think it went) and I’m pretty sure I was meant to get some maple flavour in there, which I couldn’t really taste at all. I was a bit underwhelmed with mine unfortunately. Jamie’s porridge on the other hand was tasted amazing and creamy. Why wouldn’t it be with butter on it? 😛 It was the clear winner out of the two. I would definitely go again but I think I just chose the wrong porridge for me. I wold love to give the savoury options a try as well. They looked quite interesting!

If you like porridge you should give this place a visit but maybe try something different other than the Nordic Spice porridge 😛

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