Love my Lulu leggings

IMG_1472  IMG_1500 IMG_1504


I finally got a chance to photograph these gorgeous things. I have been eyeing these leggings for quite a while but unfortunately my student budget doesn’t quite allow me to splurge on a 90 pound pair of leggings. I do understand the price. Lululemon manages to make clothes that when you’re wearing them, they feel like they’re worth every single pence! They fit amazingly, look amazing and feel amazing.

Luckily Lululemon has fantastic sales once in a while and in the last one there my leggings were for about half price in my size! I had to try them on and once they were on, I knew I would never want to take them off again. These are the comfiest workout leggings I’ve ever worn and they’ve actually ruined my other pairs because they are nowhere near as comfortable… They fit like a second skin and it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing them for a relaxing yoga session or while you’re having an intense leg day at the gym, these are what you need. They don’t move anywhere.

I love the pockets on the thighs, and on the back. It means you always have a spot to put your phone during your workout. These leggings have just left me wanting more Lululemon leggings. I’m completely sold!

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