Raw jam


Jam on pancakes is very tasty but they are ridiculously packed with sugar and cooked until there are no nutrients left in those gorgeous berries. That’s why raw jams are such a great alternative! I think they even taste better because of how fresh they are. Another huge plus is that you control entirely how much sweetener you want in your jam.

All you need is your choice of whatever berries you like (I used raspberries and blueberries because that’s what you have in drottningsylt), chia seeds and a natural sweetener. I used coconut nectar sugar, however I’m sure maple syrup, honey or agave would work just as well. You might need a little bit of water depending on the juiciness of your berries.

Throw it all into your blender (how much sweetener you use is up to how sweet you like it and chia seeds you just need under a teaspoon is what I think I used for about 200g of berries).  Blend until you get a smooth consistency and then pop it into the fridge for a bout half an hour. Then serve it your porridge, pancakes, scones… You name it!


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