Falafel heaven

Turmeric &Sweet Potato Falafel



Hi there my lovelies!

Sorry for the silence here on the blog this week. Deadlines are coming up so I have to prioritise that for now! I’ve still taken my time to try out some amazing recipes I’ve come across online though. It’s important to take the time to make yourself some good and nutritious food even during very busy times. Your body needs it more than ever and it will help you perform in whatever you are doing.

I absolutely love falafel but have only ever made them at home once and they weren’t great. Last Friday we dared to attempt it once more with a recipe from a great blog I recently found, Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen. When it said sweet potato and falafel in the same name I knew it was something I had to try! Making falafel is super easy even though you have to take the time to roll them into balls I think it is definitely worth the small extra effort. Then you just pop them into the oven and that’s you.

These falafels were so delicious and both Jamie and I were in food heaven, the sweet potato makes them so beautifully moist on the inside and in combination with the wonderful crunch on the outside, yum! We were both so happy that we’d made a double batch (we almost ate them all). Jamie had them in wraps with salad and I had it with salad. Plus how amazing is that colour from the turmeric?

The cherry on top was the guacamole, I just thought it was worth a try and it was a match made in heaven. I make my guacamole for two people with one avocado, one or two garlic cloves, about a quarter of a lemon, finished off with some salt and pepper. Then I mash it all up on plate because I love a bit of texture but you can blend it too if you want it silky smooth. It’s really easy and I’ve had a lot of great things about my guacamole from friends, which makes me so happy. Not that it’s very difficult but it’s always nice to hear!

We made some slight alterations to our falafels, since neither of us are huge coriander fans we only used a little bit. We used salt to taste and had slightly less olive oil than the original recipe. We also added more ground cumin and since we both love spice, cayenne pepper was added. We didn’t have chickpea flour at home so we used brown rice flour instead, which worked really well.

Yesterday I made them again for a nice Friday treat (I could live of these pretty much) and decided to steam the sweet potato until soft instead of boiling them, to preserve the nutrients (it took about 20 minutes). Boiling is not that great for vegetables and you end up loosing a lot of their nutritional value. We don’t have a steamer so we use our large stockpot, put some water in it, put our metal siv on top, throw in the veg and put a lid on top. Works like a charm! Steaming the sweet potato worked just as well and the falafels were as dreamy as the last time. I also left them slightly longer in the oven for more crispiness.

Here is a link to the recipe. Please try it, it is an incredible meal! I can’t wait to try more recipes from Trinity’s blog.


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Madeleine Moves is a blog celebrating a love of exercise, food, travelling and life. I love being active, exercising and being out and about. With my blog I hope to spread this joy and inspire you to be your best. Who am I? I’m Madeleine (surprise). I’m a Swede who lives in the vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland. I moved here for my university studies and in summer 2016 I graduated with a degree in Business and Management at University of Glasgow. My keyword has always been balance. I love eating healthy food but I also love to indulge once in a while. You need to enjoy life at the end of the day and limiting yourself is not the way to go. With this I would like to say welcome to Madeleine Moves. Love, Madeleine

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