A nutritious brunch

IMG_0705 IMG_0708

If there is something I love it is poached eggs with avocado on some delicious bread. It’s always a winner in my eyes. However, poaching eggs myself has always seemed a bit intimidating but yesterday Jamie and I decided to give it a go. I got some delicious seeded sourdough bread from the amazing Kember & Jones here in the West End and we served it with some sautéed cavolo nero, red onions, fresh chilli and garlic on the side. We had never tried cavolo nero before and it was delicious.  I’m definitely getting the again. The texture was lovely with a slight sweetness almost and how amazing is that dark green colour?

So how did the egg poaching go? Quite alright for being the first time I would say, a part from the one egg white that completely disintegrated almost. The others didn’t look amazing but came out very delicious and runny. Jamie got one to look absolutely perfect so I would say we will get there with a bit of practice. I’m glad that we pushed our culinary skills and decided to give poaching eggs a go 😛

What’s your favourite brunch? I would love to hear!

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