Beach life

Coffees and freshly squeezed orange juice at our favourite coffee place, NostroIMG_1106 IMG_1120
Delicious Oslo salad for lunch at Champagne IMG_1122
Slightly obsessed with palm trees…IMG_1284
Me loving life!

One of my highlights of any sunny holiday is the first day on the beach. You can feel the warmth in your bones from the sun and it’s incredible after all the cold winter months. During winter I’m constantly cold, it feels like I absorb it and once that happens it’s difficult to get warm again. Once I’m in Spain I can actually start to defrost 😛

We had a wonderful first day on the beach. Starting with a little coffee (freshly squeezed orange juice for me) at Nostro with Jamie’s mum. After a couple of hours on the beach we enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the ocean at Champagne, the place where Jamie started his bartending career. It’s so cool to go back and think of how far eh’s come since his summer behind that bar. I’m so proud of him!

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