Monday morning


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Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and here in the UK it is still ongoing as it’s a bank holiday weekend. Wohoo! Jamie and I are both off and have been speaking about going to Edinburgh today, we’ll so how we feel once he’s woken up. Poor Jamie got home from work after 4 this morning! So he’ll be sleeping for a while longer.

I on the other hand had decided to sleep in today, whenever I decide this I always end up waking up really early instead. Does this happen to anyone else? It’s like my body refuses to sleep in protest. So odd! So instead I got up and had my warm lemon water and decided to start my day.

I really wanted to go to the gym but because it’s a bank holiday Monday the gym doesn’t open until eleven so I decided to do some yoga at home instead. I didn’t do any yoga last week so it was just as well! I’m in no way a yoga expert but am really enjoying going to classes once or twice a week usually. Since I started doing this I’ve started feeling a gradual change in my body and have realised how important it is for me to destress.

During my final year of university, yoga, in addition continuing going to the gym despite feeling like I didn’t have the time, was my way of clearing my head and letting it rest from all the thoughts and pressure. It was something I had to do in order to perform well. I really see it as an investment in yourself taking that time to sweat or relax, which enables you to be at your best in life.

This morning I put on some yoga Youtube videos in the living room and rolled out my new yoga mat, I love the marble print on it! It’s actually purple but looks very blue in the photo for some reason. After about twenty minutes/half an hour I felt ready for breakfast! What could be better than a big bowl of porridge? Sooo good! What’s your go-to breakfast meal? Please share it with me!

Anyway, time for a shower! Can’t wait to see what this day brings.

Have an amazing Monday my lovelies xx

Bill’s // 22 West Nile Street // Glasgow

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I’m so sorry for the rubbish phone photos! It was so amazing to meet Emma this evening and have a catch up after I finished work. She’d never been to a Bill’s before so I felt it was a about time I introduced her to this amazing place. Usually I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants but when you enter a Bill’s it never feels like that at all. Every restaurant feels different and the food is always incredible.

What I absolutely love about their restaurants is they make freshly squeezed juice that you can order and they serve coconut water, heaven for someone like me who rarely drinks. I really wish more restaurants did that! I had the watermelon, peach and raspberry one. It was soooo good!

Emma and I shared the veggie plate to start, it’s always amazing. Then I had the vegan kale superfood salad, it’s incredibly fresh and full of flavour, yum!
Bill’s is definitely a healthier food option if you know what to choose, definitely worth a try! There is something on the menu for everyone. I’ve missed going there so I hope to be back again soon!

View from the top // Beinn Narnain // Arrochar

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Hi everyone!

Finally I have some time to tell you guys about Jamie’s and my amazing day on  Monday. I’ve been wanting to get of the city for so long and on Monday we had the perfect opportunity! Both of us were off work and the weather forecast looked promising, although you can never truly know with the weather here in Scotland 😉

Jamie had previously done this hill walk before, which is why we chose to Beinn Narnain, we weren’t prepared enough to have a trail map either so better to be safe than get lost somewhere in the Highlands. On the way to the bus we grabbed food from Prêt a Manger, we weren’t too prepared and both of us had been working the entire weekend. I think you could tell when we were up on the mountain that we were rookies to the hill walking scene with our Prêt takeout haha.

Arrochar, where Beinn Narnain is located is really easy to get to from Glasgow. We took bus 926 from Buchanan Bus Station (about 24 pounds return for the both of us) and arrived in Arrochar just after one. It was slightly cloudy when we arrived but as we got closer to the top the sun gradually came out.

The scenery was just insane. Even when you were standing there trying to absorb everything you couldn’t grasp how something so beautiful could actually exist. It looked like a painting. Since it was a Monday there weren’t that many people out and we were the only ones at the top when we eventually reached it. It took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach the peak and we stopped to have our lunch along the way and some water breaks. Poor Jamie had been working non-stop the entire weekend so his legs were already quite tired so we took our time, it was nice to not be in a rush.

I thought the way down was trickier and my shoes really weren’t the best for hill walking, I managed to fall five times on the way down… Luckily I didn’t hurt myself! We tried to pick up the pace on the way down to catch the bus just after six but despite our efforts we missed it. It took us two hours to get down from the peak and that involved running at some points in the hopes we would make it.

We ended up having an amazing time sitting in the sun playing cards with some drinks by Loch Long, beer for Jamie and tea for me. Luckily I brought cards in case something like this would happen! It was amazing and we then got the bus just after eight back to Glasgow.

I still can’t believe how ridiculously lucky we were with the weather that day and we could see so far from where we were standing at the top. This is truly a day I will remember and I really hope Jamie and will do another hill walk soon! It’s just amazing moving and doing something active, other than going for food or the usual stuff you end up doing in the city!


Busy week!

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Hi there my lovelies!

This week has been a bit mental and I literally haven’t had anytime to sit in front of my laptop to write here. It’s been frustrating but I know it’s just me getting used to my new schedule of full time work! Despite being busy Jamie and I managed to get out of Glasgow on Monday to do some hill walking, it was incredible.

I haven’t been outside of the city in I don’t know how long and it was amazing to be in nature and not hearing the sound of cars. I can’t wait to share more about our day trip in a post that will be up very soon! Hopefully by the end of today.

Right now I’m eating breakfast and getting ready for work. I really need to go soon but just wanted to pop in and say hi because I’ve missed writing here. It will get better soon, I promise!