Celebrating freedom

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It’s been awfully quiet here lately and that is something I am going to work on starting now because I’m completely finished with my university work!!! I’m actually completely finished with university degree!! How crazy is that? When I started university this day felt so far away and the final sprint to the finish line has been exhausting and almost felt endless! But, I made it in the end. I still can’t believe it. Now it’s only graduation left at the end of June.

I had my final exam a week ago tomorrow and the final minutes when I was sitting waiting for the clock to strike four, I just sat and looked around and took it all in. Who knows if I’ll ever be in an exam hall again? Stepping outside felt unreal and I spent the rest of my afternoon with Jamie enjoying my freedom and the sun. Glasgow has been unbelievably sunny the past week.

For our dinner we had booked a table at Jamie’s new work, he’s now on the management team at the incredible cocktail bar The Finnieston and I’m so ridiculously proud of him. I haven’t had time to visit yet so I was so excited to go. We timed it perfectly as it was the premiere of their Lobster Tuesday for the year. Despite me eating veggie and vegan food mainly I will always love fish and seafood. Lobster is just heavenly and I haven’t had it for three years so how could I resist?

All the food we had was beautiful! Some of the best seafood and fish I’ve had and the drinks were amazing too. It was great to have a celebratory dinner with my man and feel the stress of university life slowly disappear.

So what have I been up to since? I’ve been spending time with friends, Jamie and working away. I actually have a new job! I now have two jobs and am so excited to share with you what my new job is. It’s a been a long time coming but finally the timing was right and I can’t wait until I start properly. So far I’ve had two days training. I’ll share more about my new job very soon!

It’s time for me to get to bed!

Good night everyone x

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