Kcal Kitchen // 130 West Regent Street // Glasgow


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Hi my dears!

So sorry about the rubbish quality of the photos! I need to start bringing my camera with me and not using my iPhone… Oh well. As you know, I love trying out new healthy food places and lately there have been a couple popping up across the city. This makes me so happy and I’m hoping this trend will continue as there is definitely a gap in the market for restaurants and cafés with a focus on health in Glasgow that needs to be filled. The more the merrier I think!

The newbie Kcal Kitchen has opened up two doors down from the digital marketing agency I work at. How random is that? And terribly convenient and tempting… I’ve been wanting to try out since I first saw they were opening.

Usually I’m really good at bringing food to work but last Wednesday I had no leftovers to take with me. A perfect opportunity to try Kcal Kitchen out!

The interior is really clean and fresh. I really like the look of the place. The staff are super friendly and after looking at the menu I chose their sweet potato and chickpea salad and because I’m obsessed with avocado I asked to add some avocado as well, which they were more happy to do. I had the salad to take away and I have to say it was very delicious!

Since then I’ve been wanting to go back and today I got the chance with Jamie. I just had to have the salad again. They’ve changed it slightly since the last time and sweet potato were not entirely cooked and not cooked the same way, which was a bit of a shame. However, it didn’t matter because I was starving and it was still amazing. I only think it was a one off thing anyway.

I would definitely recommend paying Kcal Kitchen a visit, it is a bit pricier than Martha’s (one of my absolute favourite healthy places in Glasgow) but I think it’s worth the price tag. Go!

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