Review: Pip & Nut Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter


A while ago I bought the Pip & Nut cashew butter, I’m been wanting to try it for quite a while after seeing it all over Instagram. Finally I stumbled upon it in Holland & Barrett when I was browsing around and of course I could not leave without it. I wasn’t sure of what to expect as I’d never had cashew butter before (slightly weird considering I’m obsessed with cashew nuts…). I also love cinnamon so when reading the name I just thought it had to be a winner for me.

So what did I actually think? I was actually disappointed, for me it was far too sweet. Cashews are already naturally sweet and with the honey it just got a bit too much for me. I probably would’ve preferred it without the honey and with a bit of salt in it. I think it could be a hit for someone with a bit more of a sweet tooth than I do. I think I’ll be sticking to my plain old boring but delicious peanut butter and almond butter. Could eat those nut butters all day everyday!

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