ETHOS // 48 Eastcastle Street // London

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I just realised that I never uploaded all the food places Jamie and I went to in London. I think ETHOS is the last one. I’m so sorry about this! Better late than never I suppose. ETHOS was the final place we managed to squeeze in on our final day in London back in January, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. It’s location is amazing, just a street off Oxford Circus right in the centre of the busy London shopping district. So it’s a perfect place to pop into after a shopping marathon down Oxford Street.

What first struck me about ETHOS is how stunning the restaurant is! It’s full of MARBLE TABLES! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession of marble and this was like a dream for me. ETHOS is a buffet style restaurant and you pay for your food by weight.

When we arrived we were told it was about 20 minutes before they closed their lunch service. So we rushed to the beautifully set up buffet and started serving ourselves. Once we had paid for it all we sat down and tucked in. The food was all delicious and felt so fresh. Great option for a quick lunch if you’re squeezed for time. We were done in like 20 minutes and then left as we had to meet my friend Louise before going to the airport.

Perhaps not the most exciting meal we had during our trip but it was definitely tasty and at an amazing location!

The day we almost climbed Arthur’s Seat

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I was loving the wind…


For the entire time I’ve lived in Scotland I’ve always wanted to climb Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Partially because I’m slightly obsessed with the book One Day and they climb up Arthur’s Seat in it. Also because I can imagine the view up there must be amazing!

So on Monday we were prepared to climb up this hill finally or so we thought. Unfortunately we started up the wrong way and did a huge detour. When we realised this and got to the bottom of the actual Arthur’s Seat I was getting hungry and Jamie wasn’t to keen on going up so we decided to go up a different hill next to it and enjoy the view there. We decided that we will be back soon and try again. At least we now know how to get up… We still had an amazing time and the views from where we did end up were still stunning!

Arthur’s Seat, one day I will climb you, one day.

Singl-end // 265 Renfrew Street // Glasgow

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Hi lovelies!

Since I started working at lululemon, all I’ve heard my colleagues talk about is Singl-end. It’s a place I’ve been wanting to try out for quite a while but haven’t had a chance to visit it yet. With my colleagues speaking about their obsession with the place I just had to try it. I felt like I was missing out on something! Jamie and I were both off on Monday and before heading over to Edinburgh we decided to have brunch there.

Singl-end is surprisingly close to our flat and I never realised! It’s just on the way to the Art School from our flat, a street away from busy Sauchiehall Street. The weather was amazing so we sat outside, unfortunately it was shady but it was still so nice to have a meal outdoors. We ordered inside at the till and stumbled upon their massive table of cakes!! It was enormous!! Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try any but we’ll definitely be back for some cake. Soon I hope…

Jamie ordered their baked eggs with homemade sausage and I ordered their vegan breakfast. I asked for my baked beans on the side as I was convinced they would be the terrible tinned things… When our food arrived I realised they were homemade! They were absolutely amazing and my vegan breakfast was heavenly, everything on the plate was so fresh and full of flavour. I loved every mouthful and as I’m writing this I’m getting serious cravings. Jamie really liked his food too and we were both stuffed after our meals. I ordered one of their smoothies as well and it was tasty, I just wished the fruit would have been more ripe.

I loved Singl-end and really can’t wait to go back! Now I finally know what my colleagues are speaking about all the time and I completely agree with them, it was beautiful.

Happy Sweden day!

Hi everyone! 

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. I was working in the lululemon showroom and had so much fun. On the Saturday we had a rooftop yoga class and it was absolutely amazing! I love doing yoga outside and it was so wonderful that we could arrange something like this bang in the middle of Glasgow city centre. We were over twenty people there all practicing together. 

Today it’s Sweden day and I’m missing home a bit. I was at the gym this morning and then Jamie and I tried out a new brunch place I have heard so much about. I’ll write about it more in a separate post.Right  now we’re on our way to Edinburgh so we’ve got a really nice day planned and Sweden will be on my mind all day. I’m not sure I’ll live in Sweden permanently again but it will always be my home and I’m so proud to be Swedish.