Graduation breakfast

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I’m back in Glasgow after a very busy weekend with birthday party celebrations on Saturday (our showroom’s first birthday) and then jumping on a flight down to London the same day for Madeleine Shaw’s cooking course (can’t wait to share my experience with you!). I got back late yesterday evening from London after a very bumpy flight and felt really nauseous. I don’t know if it was something I ate at the airport but even today my stomach feels a bit odd… So I’m home from work today resting and taking care of my poor stomach. Hopefully it will feel better soon!

I haven’t shared that much from my graduation (as I’m still waiting from the photos from my sister, I’ll get them soon hopefully). But I thought I’d share the beautiful graduation breakfast Emma invited us to in her flat before we headed over to House of Fraser to get our make up done.

She served up everything you could’ve wished for and the champagne was flowing (I didn’t have any and was happily sipping away on some water). She even had run over to Wilson Street Pantry to get some freshly baked sourdough bread, delicious! A celebration is an excellent excuse to have cake of course! So we ordered a raw vegan cheesecake with raspberry, mango and passionfruit from my friend Faye’s Coconut & Kale. It was magical and almost too beautiful to eat.

The breakfast was such a wonderful way to start the day with all the girls before the chaos of graduation day started properly. We were even talking about starting a brunch club the ones who are still in Glasgow, so I’m hoping this will happen again soon!

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