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Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve had an amazing Thursday! Mine started off at the gym and finished at the gym. I got up nice and early to get an hour in at the gym before work. I love starting the day off with a workout, it makes you feel so good about yourself!

At work I had a fun meeting with my manager Nicola, a three month meeting to see how I am getting on in the showroom. I can’t believe it’s already almost been three months since I started working there! Time flies when you’re having fun. We were discussing what else I would like to take on and do in the showroom and I’m so excited for the development plan we created for me. So many exciting things that I’m going to learn and get to do!

My day at work finished off with a visit to Unit4 Crossfit. It was my first time there and it was so exciting to check out another gym in Glasgow. The guys there were so friendly and helped me with variations of the exercises I couldn’t do. It was such an encouraging and friendly environment! The workout was focused on arm strength, definitely not my strongest side, so I’m going to sore tomorrow! A highlight with my visit was definitely the gym dog Maggie, what a cutie she is! As soon as stepped in through the entrance of the gym she came up to say hi, I couldn’t have asked for a better workout!

For dinner I was craving eggs, partially because I didn’t have anything leftovers and hadn’t planned what to make. Eggs are so easy and quick! I made an omelette with red onion, tenderstem broccoli and a bit of cheese. It was so tasty! I started off with sautéing the red onion and broccoli in avocado oil. Then I put that aside and threw in the eggs I had stirred with some salt and pepper. Almost immediately afterwards put the cheese on so it has time to melt. After that, throw on the broccoli and red onion. Wait until the eggs are almost entirely cooked (if it’s too cooked the omelette the omelette will go rubbery and dry, not that tasty!) and then flip over one side over the other, let it cook for a little while longer if needed and then it’s ready to be eaten! Let me know what you think. It thought it was a hit, if I may say so myself 😉

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