What a day

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Yesterday was so amazing! We were 15 people at bootcamp in the morning and Shona who was running it made us doing leg exercises until I almost physically couldn’t do another rep. It was intense but so much fun! My bum is really feeling it today after all those jumping lunges! After the workout we were all hanging out in the showroom. My colleague Kat had such a great idea to make salted caramel porridge this weekend, it was amazing. I tried it after yoga on Saturday and oh my, it’s good!

I was so happy to see Jamie when I got home! He was sleeping when I left in the morning as he was working a late shift on Saturday. We got showered and went out for lunch at Kember and Jones. Jamie had the soup special and a sandwich whilst I of course had to order their delicious goats cheese salad! We didn’t stop there, once we’d cleared our plates we couldn’t resist a cake. We tried the lemon, olive oil and rosemary cake served with greek yoghurt. It was amazingly moist and so tasty!

We then headed to the cinema to watch Finding Dory. I remember watching Finding Nemo when it was out in the cinema and have been wishing for a sequel ever since. So you can imagine how excited I was when they announced they were making one! The film was absolutely amazing, I laughed and got really teared up at some points. I loved every minute of it and will definitely watch it again at some point!

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