A snowy day in August

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I’m so sorry, I know I haven’t been present here for two days! I don’t really have an excuse except that I’ve been extremely tired, so tired that I haven’t been able to keep my eyes open once I’ve come home from work  and the gym in the evenings! I’m hoping I’ll get more sleep in the next couple of days to turn that around. I’m really looking forward to going to Spain with my Jamie so we both can recharge our batteries.

On Tuesday I met up with the girls from work for our staff meeting. This month’s staff meeting took place in no other than Snow Factor, an indoor snow slope in Braehead just outside of Glasgow. We started off with the more important part of the meeting, which was the actual meeting. We had it in the German-looking bar right next to the slope. It was super productive and we’re all excited for what we’ve got planned!

Afterwards it was time to hit the slopes, we were all so excited! I haven’t snowboarded for years and had no idea how it was going to go. For all I knew I could’ve forgotten everything. You can rent basically everything there, which was lucky for me! I bought a pair of salopettes in first year at university and at the time I was slightly bigger. It was just before I had begun my fitness and health journey. There was a lot of partying at that time, a lot of greasy food and a lot of drinking. It’s weird how you sometimes forget how your body changes and trying these salopettes was a weird and a confirmation of the changes my body and I have gone through these past years! You don’t really notice how much you change through exercising and changing your eating habits. The people around you probably see the changes more than you do. I absolutely loved these salopettes, that were also completely unworn, but unfortunately I think I’ll have to sell them! So I was all kitted out in jacket and salopettes from Show Factor, how handy is that?

Anyway, enough of the salopette talk! Kate, one of the girls on our team has a real passion for snowboarding and used to work at Snow Factor, it was amazing to see her in action helping us toegether with her friend who still works there. I actually remembered a lot more than I thought I would and by the end of the hour we were all swishing down the biggest slope. Your body has an incredible memory and I immediately just felt how I was meant to turn (I’ve still got a bit to go before becoming a pro 😉 ). It was amazing to be back on the board and I can’t believe how much I’d missed it, without even realising it. It would be amazing to go on snowboard/ski holiday sometime. We all had such a great time and I wish we could’ve stayed for longer!

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