Crayfish party

IMG_3051 IMG_3052
IMG_2194 IMG_3056IMG_3061  IMG_2196 IMG_3062
Yesterday Emma had invited our girl crew for a crayfish party! Back home in Sweden crayfish parties are huge and you go all out with hats and fun decorations. Unfortunately we didn’t have any decorations but you can always rely on the wonderful IKEA to save us Swedes abroad when it comes to food traditions! Emma managed to get us crayfish from there for the evening, which was amazing. I actually had no idea IKEA even sold crayfish. We were also celebrating our wonderful Kamila’s birthday!

I was starving when I got there straight after work so I stuffed my face with all the deliciousness! I ate far too much and ended up in a major food coma afterwards haha. It was so nice to catch up with the girls and hear what they all are up to. We don’t get to see each other us much anymore, which makes it extra amazing when we finally get the chance to!

Afterwards some friends of Emma and Kamila arrived and I decided to head home as I had work today. it was nice to get home and get some sleep!

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