Back at The Mae Deli

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During my 24 hour trip to London for Madeleine Shaw’s cookery class I visited the Mae Deli again for an early dinner with my friend Louise. It was amazing to be back to have some of their delicious food. The Mae Deli team had just launched their summer menu a couple of days before and I was not complaining about the timing! It was a warm day so as I soon as I read iced matcha latte I had to order it! It was delicious! I wish they made drinks like that in Glasgow.

We sat in the downstairs bit and it was absolutely boiling! I know that they have installed air conditioning since my visit and I completely understand why, it was almost unbearable. I’m glad that they’ve sorted it so it doesn’t put people off from eating there. The food was amazing. My favourites were probably the Asian inspired veg and the sweet potato with a satay sauce. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the sundried tomato falafel but it was fun to try.

It was so nice to be back but next time I’m in London I need to continue on my list of healthy places to eat! Right now my list has 30 places and it keeps on growing!

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