Juice Warrior // 15 East Market Street // Edinburgh

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I’m not over in Edinburgh very often and my list of healthy places over there is gettin quite long ! So yesterday before my shift I thought it was a great opportunity to go and try out Juice Warrior’s new shop and tick one of the places off! I’ve been a fan of Juice Warrior’s coldpressed juices for a quite a while now. They’re delicious, they’re organic and they’re served in cute little glass bottles. So I was gutted when I found out they were opening up a shop in Edinburgh and not Glasgow!

The last time Jamie and I were in Edinburgh, we were in looking at the shop and the menu but we were really full so we decided to go back a bit later but we didn’t make it back ( I got held up shopping in the lululemon Edinburgh store…). I was so sad. So this time around I made sure I had the time to go and pick up a smoothie. I was probably their first customer of the day, pretty much hanging on the locks of the shop.

I love the area the Juice Warrior shop is and the inside is understated but really cool. It took me a while to decide on what smoothie I wanted and with the help from the lovely girl in the shop, I narrowed it down to two. In the end I couldn’t stay away from my greens and ordered Castaway, pineapple, coconut water and ginger are winning ingredients. Other than that it had banana, spinach, cucumber, lime and mint in it, yum! The smoothie was very refreshing and not too sweet, which I really liked. For five pounds I think it’s way better value for money than Juice Garden here in Glasgow as Juice Warrior’s smoothies are organic and their ingredients are a bit more exciting (in my opinion).

After been drooling over their raw creations they keep on posting photos of, I had to buy one of their treats. They didn’t have their cute little raw donuts in so I ended up getting their raw almonds butter cups (not complaining). I can’t wait to try them today! I’m already looking forward to my next visit, there are so many other smoothies I want to try as and their smoothie bowls. Edinburgh, you’re one lucky city!

Please come to Glasgow next Juice Warrior!

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