Birthday yoga // La Siesta // Javea

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I know I haven’t shared anything from my birthday so I thought it was about time! It was an incredible day and one of the hottest so far. I felt so lucky to spend my birthday in the warmth. The day started off at La Siesta with yoga on just by the beach with Jamie’s mum. Going to at least one of Fran’s classes is a must when I’m Javea. Her classes are one of my favourites ever. You can’t beat the view and I love how Fran always challenges you to trying new poses and improving your practice. She takes the time for every single one of her students to make sure they get the most out of hr classes.

Yoga is a working progress for, I’m far from great. It’s a great challenge for me and I feel like the past year I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my body. I only go once or sometimes twice a week and yoga has helped me in so many ways, one of them is mobility for my strength training.

I would encourage anyone to try out a couple of classes in a local studio where you live, it might be a bit intimidating at first but you realise that it doesn’t really matter that you can’t touch your toes, as long as you’re there and trying that is what counts. You won’t get more flexible if you don’t work on it.

This class was such an incredible start to my birthday!

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