It’s back!


Hi lovelies!

I’m so sorry it’s been silent on the blog lately. With my laptop going back and forth to the Apple store several times this week to be repaired I’ve not really been able to blog as much as I’d like to but now it’s finally back and everything seems to be working. YES! So I’m back in business and I’m so happy I’ve got it back for my trip to New York next week. Can’t believe we’re leaving on Tuesday and I’ve got so much to do before then. I can’t wait to share my first NYC experience with you. I’m so excited!

Today was a mental day at work, our card machine didn’t work and we’ve been moving the entire showroom around. I love my job but it was nice to leave when my shift ended. Everyone has those days at work, no matter how much you love it. Afterwards I met up with a couple who’s puppy I might be helping out with once a week, her name is Marla and she’s a beautiful little chocolate lab. When I’m back from New York I’ll be taking care of her Mondays hopefully. Jamie’s mum is right now staying with us so tonight her and I are cooking a veggie chilli and watching a film or something. The weather is windy and horrible so I thought a nice hearty chilli is exactly what we need.

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