Food with a view

img_2319 img_2328 img_2332

Since my laptop gave up on me, I haven’t been able to share all my photos from Spain yet! On one of our beach days we decided to check out the food at Atalaya. We’ve been there for drinks and snacks several times before but haven’t actually had a meal there. Both Jamie and I chose a salad each, mine was delicious! I usually order my salads with the dressing on the side so I can decide myself how much I have on it but since I was on holiday I couldn’t bothered. Jamie couldn’t resist ordering some patatas bravas as well. To be fair his salad was a bit on the small side so it was probably for the best.

When I’m at Atalaya I have to order their watermelon juice, it’s probably my favourite juice in the world, or one of them at least. I really wished they had a juice bar by the beach in Javea, the fruit is so amazingly fresh in Spain so it’s almost a waste not to have one. I think it would do so well!


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