Cake delivery


Blitz Juice Bar and Patisserie is a place I’ve been following for a while on social media and it’s safe to say I’ve been drooling slightly from the look of their cakes. They looked magical! Yesterday they so nicely dropped us off some of their creations and we were dying to try them out at work. All I can say is, oh my god, they were incredible.

All of them were so creamy and felt so indulgent even though they were raw and without anything that’s bad for you. They taste like they should be bad for you :p I think my favourite was the one furthest to the left because it had raspberries in it (if I had to choose) but they were all amazing.

You can find them in Falkirk where they have their juice bar but they also sell their treats at the Partick and Shawlands markets as well as at Café Strange Brew. Check them out!

Statue of Liberty

img_4053 img_4063 img_4075 img_4081 img_4086 img_4104 img_4114 img_4334

I still haven’t shared all the photos I took from my New York trip with my family! One of the days we went to Lower Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty. We took one of the tourist boats and  went on the tour, we didn’t get off on the little island just because we thought we would get the best view of her from the water. It was cool seeing the statue but I think seeing Manhattan from the water was even more amazing.

I loved seeing all the skyscrapers and somehow it didn’t feel real to be standing there looking at this enormous and busy city. Looking back at the trip now, it feels slightly like a dream. It would be really fun to go back one day with Jamie and experience it more.

Team sweat

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On Tuesday the lululemon team went for a team sweat at Fortius Scotland. Our ambassador Nisha opened up her new box together with her friend Steph and we thought it was time to visit their new place. The box is out in Cambuslang, which I’d never been to before so I thought it was quite exciting to get out of Glasgow and see something new. I was feeling a bit unwell when I woke up in the morning and wasn’t sure whether I would join in on the workout until we got there.

Nisha had planned such an awesome WOD that I had to join in, I jut couldn’t resist. There were tyres involved and lots of other cool exercises. I’d never done a WOD before with the team and it was so much fun, everyone showed their amazing true colours. Nisha blasted some fantasticly cheesy 90s tunes and everyone was smiling throughout and did their very best. It’s in these moments I realise how lucky I’ve been to work with this incredible team for the past couple of months. I’ve loved every single minute of it.

I thought it was time to share with you guys that my temporary contract with lululemon Glasgow is coming to an end and my last day will be on Sunday. I can’t believe that’s six months gone! The amazing Rachel who has been in Edinburgh and helping them out is coming back and we can only be five in the showroom. This means that it’s time for another adventure for me and I’ve already got one lined up, I’ll share it with you very soon. It’s taken me a while to be okay with leaving (I’ve been really upset about leaving to be honest, I love my job) and to find a job I think I’ll be happy to do after the incredible time I’ve had with the girls. I’m very sad to leave but at the same time I’m so glad I’ve got something exciting to look forward too on a new team. I think it’s going to be really great 🙂 Once everything is confirmed I’ll of course share it with you, can’t wait.

All the ginger


Hello lovelies,

Hope you are well, I’ve still got my cold and I’m desperately trying to get rid off it. My go-t0 remedy against colds is definitely ginger shots, I don’t know if it’s all in my head but I feel like they help. If you’ve got a juicer they’re super easy to make, plus it’s really cheap. Word of warning, if you’ve not had a ginger shot before it can be a bit of a shock to the system, it’s strong!

I make my shots with a good amount of ginger (no idea how much to be honest but you can sort of see in the glass) and half a lemon. It really has a kick to it and I usually feel so much better afterwards. I usually drink them all in one go, like a shot on a night out. You don’t really want to be sipping on them. I’ve had them almost every morning so far this week and I’m starting to feel a bit better. If you find it too strong, you can add half an apple to add some sweetness.

Today I’m off and am just having a day to get my life organised. I need to sort out some stuff for work and give the flat a clean. Not feeling too inspired to do anything today considering how grey it is outside but we’ll see how I feel a bit later today.

Have a lovely day 😀 xx