Arriving in NYC

img_2489 img_2488img_3835

The coolest feeling was climbing up the stairs of the underground onto the streets of New York. There were yellow cabs everywhere, it was busy and tall buildings everywhere. After our amazing late lunch at by CHLOE we made our way to our hotel (we stayed at Wyndham Midtown 45) to check in and finally see our family who arrived from Sweden to a different airport.

It wasn’t the easiest task pulling all our luggage along the blocks but it was incredible to just experience New York. As we were walking I was thinking that we must be passing the Flatiron Building at some point as we were in the district and all of a sudden I saw loads of tourists taking photos and turned around, and there it was. The building is stunning and it felt really odd to see this building in real life, a building I’ve seen in photos so many times before. I felt like this throughout the trip seeing all the classic and iconic New York sights such as Times Square, Central Park and Statue of Liberty.

Unfortunately for us, our booking was messed up at the hotel during our stay we had to move two times, it wasn’t ideal but it was way better than not having a place to stay the first couple of nights. The rooms we stayed in at Wyndham Midtown 45 were small flats with two rooms and a small kitchen. It was great for cooking breakfast in the morning as we woke up so early due to jetlag. It was also nice to ensure I had one nutritious meal a day at least (porridge of course hehe).

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