A walk in Central Park

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Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you’ve had a great start to the week. I definitely did! I had my first proper gym session for a while. I got a really bad cold since I got back from New York. I can’t remember the last time I was ill. It’s not fun and I’ve missed exercising so much.

I tried to do a workout on Thursday as I wanted to try out the Pure Gym close to my flat. My gym membership at Glasgow Uni has run out and I thought it was worth a try as is a bit closer to where I live and they’re open 24/7. I absolutely hated it, there were pretty much only machines and no squat racks, one in the entire gym. The place was just filled with machines, which is really not how I like to train. I use them sometimes but I’d rather use barbells and free weights. So I ended up leaving after 45 minutes or so. I wasn’t feeling well either so it was probably for the best.

So today I ended up renewing my gym membership at the Glasgow Uni gym as an alumni, it felt really weird being called that. Of course I had to have my photo taken there and then with serious bed hair going on, I can’t say it was my finest moment but oh well! My gym membership cards have never been that great anyway, better keep up the tradition. It felt amazing to get some exercise in and I’m so excited to get back to Gym G5 tonight for a sweaty session with the crew there.

The photos above seem so long ago now when I look at them. I can’t believe it’s only been a week since I got back in Glasgow. New York sort of felt like a dream. Even when I was there I couldn’t actually believe that I was there. On our first proper day in the city we went for a walk in Central Park, I was excited to tick that off my list.

It was amazing to see the skyscrapers surrounding this green space as we were wondering about. There were lots of spots I recognised from watching Gossip Girl. I was fan girling a little bit walking around and seeing the spots… Mainly when I saw The Met steps! That was pretty cool. It’s incredible how they have this green space right in the centre of Manhattan, I love the great contrast between nature and city life. It must be amazing being here on a hot sunny day. Unfortunately it was overcast pretty much our entire

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