CycleBox // 18 Ruthven Lane // Glasgow


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I finally managed to uploads some photos, I have no idea what’s going on still. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week my lovelies. I’m writing this just before getting ready to start heading to the airport. Time for Barcelona today with Jamie! I can’t wait.

On Friday Kate and I went to try out the new spin studio CycleBox in Ruthven Lane in the West End. They only recently opened and I’ve been wanting to go for a while after seeing amazing photos of the studio on Facebook.

The coaches Mandy and Gwen in there were so welcoming from the moment we set our foot in the studio. I absolutely loved their enthusiasm for what they do. The studio is white and absolutely beautiful. It’s quite small and very cosy. For the spin bit of the class they fit about ten bikes in the workout space.

The class we went to CycleBox combines spinning for the first half of the class and then moves onto boxing for a full body workout. Such a great idea! I’m not a massive fan of spinning but the bikes they have are incredible and I actually really enjoyed it. Once the spin bit was over the spin bikes were put aside and we took turns with boxing and body strength training in groups. I loved the boxing bit, maybe I just have a lot of anger in me or something but I love boxing. Gwen, said I had a great push up during the strength bit which made me so happy as I’ve struggled a lot with my upper body strength, as you guys know.

I really loved the vibe in this new addition to the Glasgow fitness scene and I think they’ll do so well. Their morning class was fully booked after being open for less than two weeks. That says something. Hopefully I can do another class soon.

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