Hotel Praktik Bakery // Carrer de Provença 279 // Barcelona


img_4756img_4736 img_4739  img_4962 img_4963 img_4967 img_4987

Hi everyone!

We’re back from our amazing holiday in Barcelona and I absolutely love that city. Jamie had booked us in at a beautiful hotel called Hotel Praktik Bakery. As it says in the name it has it’s own bakery and as soon as you walk through the doors you get hit by the incredible smell of freshly baked bread and pastries. The hotel was so charmingly decorated I had to share some photos of it with you guys. How beautiful are the tiles in the shower?

The second morning of our stay we couldn’t resist trying their little breakfast buffet of bread and pastries. Perhaps not the most nutritional breakfast but it was soooo good. Few things beat freshly baked bread. I even had a croissant, I haven’t had one for so long. It was not quite as nice as the ones in Nice but good enough.

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