Park Güell // Barcelona

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One of the places on my list I really wanted to visit was Park Guëll. It is in the northern part of the city and a bit too far to walk on our last day to be time efficient so we tried out Barcelona’s metro and it was HUGE! It was really easy to use and we got there in no time at all. Our Google maps app took us on a slight detour so we had to walk up millions of stairs but it was nice to enter the public part of the park from the peak and walk down towards the part with the entrance fee.

We had no idea there were time slots for when you could enter. So a big tip for anyone planning to go there, book your tickets in advance or plan in some extra time as you will probably have to wait around to for your time slot. A bit disappointing because we didn’t have time to wait for the next slot but we wondered around in other bits of the park instead. It was also really cool and it felt a bit like Jurassic Park or something. We’re hoping to back to Barcelona again at some point so we’ll just have to make sure to book in advance. We’ve learned our lesson.

One thing we didn’t really like were all the people trying to sell souvenirs everywhere, it ruines the feel of the park a bit which was a shame. I completely understand they have to make a living somehow but yes it got a bit crazy and hectic with all the police patrolling and the souvenir people running about hiding. It was an experience to say the least haha.

On the way back to the metro I found a super cool purple house with a pink door and of course had to take a picture with it… It was too cool to resist! I love colourful things.

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