All the ginger


Hello lovelies,

Hope you are well, I’ve still got my cold and I’m desperately trying to get rid off it. My go-t0 remedy against colds is definitely ginger shots, I don’t know if it’s all in my head but I feel like they help. If you’ve got a juicer they’re super easy to make, plus it’s really cheap. Word of warning, if you’ve not had a ginger shot before it can be a bit of a shock to the system, it’s strong!

I make my shots with a good amount of ginger (no idea how much to be honest but you can sort of see in the glass) and half a lemon. It really has a kick to it and I usually feel so much better afterwards. I usually drink them all in one go, like a shot on a night out. You don’t really want to be sipping on them. I’ve had them almost every morning so far this week and I’m starting to feel a bit better. If you find it too strong, you can add half an apple to add some sweetness.

Today I’m off and am just having a day to get my life organised. I need to sort out some stuff for work and give the flat a clean. Not feeling too inspired to do anything today considering how grey it is outside but we’ll see how I feel a bit later today.

Have a lovely day 😀 xx

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