Statue of Liberty

img_4053 img_4063 img_4075 img_4081 img_4086 img_4104 img_4114 img_4334

I still haven’t shared all the photos I took from my New York trip with my family! One of the days we went to Lower Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty. We took one of the tourist boats and  went on the tour, we didn’t get off on the little island just because we thought we would get the best view of her from the water. It was cool seeing the statue but I think seeing Manhattan from the water was even more amazing.

I loved seeing all the skyscrapers and somehow it didn’t feel real to be standing there looking at this enormous and busy city. Looking back at the trip now, it feels slightly like a dream. It would be really fun to go back one day with Jamie and experience it more.

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