SLTN Awards with my love

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On Thursday it was time for the annual SLTN Awards, the biggest awards ceremony in Scotland for licensed trade. Jamie was nominated in two categories, Cocktail bar of the year and Mixologist of the year. Jamie being the kind and caring person he is he did not care about his own award, he only wanted his bar to do well. That was the one thing he said to me when he started at The Finnieston, he wanted it to be the best cocktail bar in Scotland. On Thursday that dream became reality as the host Paddy McGuinness announced The Finnieston as cocktail bar of the year. I’ve never been more proud in my life, I was shaking with joy. It was incredible to be there and watch his dream come true. He didn’t win mixologist of the year but it didn’t matter in that moment at all. He’s top three in Scotland and that’s amazing.

The evening was wonderful, it was nice to dress up for once! I’ve never seen so much alcohol in my life as at these awards, makes sense I suppose haha. I had a couple of sips of wine but was really not feeling like drinking so stopped. 99.9% of the time I really don’t feel like drinking, a part from if it’s special occasion a drink can be nice, but the less I drink the less I want it.

Since Jamie was nominated we got to stay over night at the Hilton and the next day when Jamie got up early to go to the BBC Good Food Show (The Finnieston have a pop up bar there all weekend) I got up, got ready and went down to the breakfast. I love a hotel breakfast! The buffet was actually quite good, there were loads of vegan options for those following a strict vegan diet with lots of non-dairy milk options. Great to see that the hotels are making it easier for vegans to enjoy a nice breakfast too. I had some of their eggs but they weren’t very nice so stuck to a bowl of almond milk with banana nuts and seeds as well as some dark bread with cashew butter on (yes they had cashew butter!) and lots of fruit. After a while my friend Cal and his girlfriend joined me. It was nice to catch up.

Then I just headed straight to work, not a bad start to the day I must say!

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