Getting back on track


Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a great start to your week. I’m definitely ready for a fresh start, after being ill for ages and not training I feel like it’s time to make a proper comeback when it comes to my exercise routine. It’s felt really odd not training as much as I usually do but at the same time it’s so dark at the moment I haven’t really felt like doing anything! It’s horrible that I let it affect me so much, but it’s difficult at times. I’m meant to live in a sunnier place, that’s my excuse haha.

This week I giving myself a kick in the butt and going to back to training properly. We’ll see how many workouts I’ll be able to squeeze in. I’m aiming for at least five but as I’m still recovering from my cold, we’ll see how it goes. I was at Gym G5 this evening and had a kickass class with my 7.15pm crew. Goodness, I can already feel my muscles starting to get sore and tomorrow morning I have a PT session booked in with Stella. I’m wondering how much I’m going to be able to lift after today’s class. We shall see!

I’m really looking forward tomorrow because it’s Jamie’s and my first full day together for two weeks just him and I. He’s been one busy man recently and his day off is so well-deserved. I can’t wait to spend some quality time with him and have a relaxed day.

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