Brooklyn Bridge

img_4167 img_4179 img_4184 img_4188

I still have so many photos to share from New York! I loved the day we walked on the Brooklyn Bridge. I don’t know why but I really thought it was cool. We didn’t walk all the way to the other side but it was nice to even walk on it for a little while. The bridge was full of tourists and cyclists desperately trying to make their way through the crowds. I didn’t mind it though. I’m happy we got a chance to go to New York, with Trump as the new president I’m not sure i’ll be going to the US any time soon. We’ll see how it goes but the situation isn’t looking very promising at the moment. I’m hoping for the best and that everything will be okay.

Today I’ve had a nice day. I went to the gym this morning before work and it’s so nice to be back in my routines again. I was practising my snatches and doing a bit of core work. It’s nice to mix it up at. Work was also good and I got a lot of stuff done. I’m feeling very tired this evening once again so I’m going to try and get to bed early. My body is convinced it’s a lot later than it actually is so I’m hoping it will adjust soon so I can be more of a person in the evenings and not this tired zombie. Are any of you struggling to stay awake this time of year because of the darkness?

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