My Sunday

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Happy new week everyone!

Hope you had a relaxed weekend and you’re feeling energised for the week ahead. Monday’s are a bit of a weird one for me since Mondays and Tuesdays have become my weekend so I’m looking forward to two days off. I’ve felt really tired lately so today I don’t have much plans other than taking care of Marla (the puppy I puppy sit, she’s hyper today!), going for a walk with her and meeting up with Kajsa in the park and then the gym in the evening. I need to get some work done for the showroom too but it shouldn’t take too long.

Yesterday I started my day at work a bit later than usual, we had an event on in the evening so I didn’t start until one. So I started off with an hour at the gym doing some upper body and core strength. My snatch practice is slowly getting there but I still have a bit to go until I’ll have it perfected. There is a lot of technique involved so right now Stella is breaking it down for me during our PT sessions. The only issue is I forget the techniques in between slightly, which makes it difficult to practice. I’ll get her to film each exercise next time so I have something to look back on. Anyway, the gym was nice and quiet, as you might expect at a university gym on a Sunday morning. I love a quiet gym!

Once I was done and showered I headed over to Papercup on Great Western Road to meet up with Jamie’s brother and his girlfriend together with Jamie. I’m glad we got there relatively early because the queue was out the door once we’d finished our meal. They’ve changed there menu recently so I was excited to see some new stuff on there. I’m so happy the breakfast bowl has made a comeback. It’s my favourite dish. I also had some of their delicious sourdough toast on the side. It was great catching up with Jamie’s brother and  his girlfriend and it’s so nice she’ll be back in Glasgow again to visit soon.

Right, I need to get some work done. Speak to you soon!


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