Glasgow for Christmas


I was browsing through my iPhoto library on my laptop and came across photos from visiting Sweden and my friends and family this summer. It feels so long ago now and I miss them loads. It’s not always easy living abroad and away from the people you love. Don’t get me wrong, I love living abroad and find it incredibly exciting but there’s always a part of you missing someone.

Usually I go home for Christmas and it’s something I’ve always looked forward to, going home and celebrating a traditional Swedish Christmas with everyone. However, this year I’ve decided to stay in Glasgow with Jamie. Partially because I don’t know what my job situation will be, but also because Jamie will be working loads and I don’t want him to be alone for Christmas and also because the flights are ridiculously expensive. So this year will be my first year celebrating without my family. I’m really looking forward to spending this time of year with Jamie because we’ve never done that before but also it will feel really odd. I’m looking forward to making our own Christmas together, combining our traditions.

At least we get two Christmases since I celebrate on Christmas Eve and Jamie on Christmas day. So we’ve decided to go out on Christmas Eve to Number 16 (one of my absolute favourite places in Glasgow) and on Christmas Day we’re staying in all day and cooking a big delicious meal.

What are your plans for Christmas? Or maybe you don’t have any yet? I know it’s only November but I’m already getting into the Christmas spirit!

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