Nutriseed delivery and musts in my cupboard

img_5725 img_5732

Hi my dears!

I love sharing my finds with you and thought I would share one of my latest ones online. I’ve been running low on some of my cupboard staples. Usually it’s Holland & Barrett I turn to but I recently stumbled across Nutriseed, an online company who sell nuts, seeds, superfood powders and lots of other amazing things a healthy foodie could want.

What I like about Holland & Barrett is the points system, who doesn’t love getting some vouchers to spend? This is something Nutriseed has taken onboard too and depending on how many you’ve collected you get different kinds of discounts. Another thing I like is that you can choose the amount (grams) you want to order of their products and it comes beautifully packaged in these brown paper bags.

Last week I placed my order and today it finally arrived! I ordered almonds (for almond butter of course), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts. It all looked lovely when I opened my box and everything feels like good quality. It’s so convenient having it delivered to your home. I’m now ready to up my porridge topping game! It’s been a bit boring lately without all my seeds, nuts and almond butter. Some other staples in my cupboard for porridge are cashews (I’m obsessed), chia seeds, ground cardamom, a back up organic Oatly, milled flaxseeds and cinnamon to sprinkle on top.

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