Beautiful sunny days

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Hi lovelies!

Yesterday both Jamie and I were off together, finally. This hasn’t happened for two weeks so it was great to spend some quality time together. We also had Marla with us and it was fun that Jamie finally got a chance to spend a bit more time with her. I love my days with her and I’m so glad to have a dog in my life again. I think Jamie is too. He’s so cute with her.

I was at Stella’s in the morning doing a PT session (I’ll share more about that in another post) and I love coming back home to a wagging tail. I’ve missed that loads since my dog passed away. After a lazy morning the three of us went out for a long walk in Kelvingrove Park and we had a late lunch at Papercup (surprise), it’s amazing that they’re dog-friendly and the staff in there were so nice to little Marla. She was so well-behaved and went to sleep on the floor while we were eating. We must’ve looked like such a West End couple walking our puppy and brunching haha. Makes me really long for the day Jamie and I will get our own dog.

Once we’d filled our empty bellies we got some grocery shopping done and then headed home. We finished the day with eating Deliciously Ella’s tasty vegan carbonara in front of The Holiday. Yes it’s time for the Christmas films! I couldn’t wait any longer. Jamie had never seen it before and that’s just not right so I had to show him how amazing it is.

I’m just back from another session at Stella’s, lots of cleans, front squats, shoulder to over heads and rowing involved. It was so good, I just love my classes there and all the amazing people.

Now it’s time for a shower and comfy pyjamas, can’t wait to to be in bed!

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