Snack review: Deliciously Ella Energy Balls

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Hi lovelies!

I can’ tell you how nice it is to say that I’m now off for two days. I haven’t slept well for lately and work has been hectic so I need to rest and recharge my batteries. I got nine hours sleep last night and I already feel loads better.

Yesterday I finally had my event at Everyday Athlete, we had a pop up shop and yoga event at their gym and I was in charge of organising everything. The event went so well and I was so happy with what I’d accomplished. Once we came back to the showroom again I felt so tired from all the nerves that have been building up for this.

So I don’t think anyone has missed that Deliciously Ella has launched her Energy Balls. They are everywhere! I love how she’s made them easily accessible when you’re on the run in case you need a little boost. I’ve now tried all of them and thought I’d let you know what I think.

I bought the cacao and almond at Whole Foods when Jamie and I were there and it was the first one I tried. To be honest it was probably my least favourite out of the three. It tasted like a slightly nicer version of Nakd’s chocolate bar but that was about it. I would buy it again in the lack of other options though.

The ginger and cashew ball was my second favourite. I love ginger but I wasn’t blown away, it was however nice and refreshing. I loved that the flavour was different from the usual ones you get.

The last one I trued was the hazelnut and raisin ball. I’m not the biggest fan of raisins but this one is my favourite. I love the hints of cinnamon in it, which gives it a slight Christmas flavour. I have to admit I’ve had a couple of these ones over the past weeks. A great healthy snack and treat.

Have you tried any of them? Let me know what you thought about them!

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