Hello December


Hi lovelies!

You know when you are not feeling entirely well and all you wish for is to feel normal again. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, it’s crazy how much we take our health and wellbeing for granted when nothing is wrong. It’s not something you pay much attention too and then once something happens all you wish is to just feel nothing or like you usually do. Last week I managed to cut my tongue quite badly and it’s still not entirely healed. I have no idea how what happened but oh my goodness, it hurts so bad whenever I eat. I’ve really struggled to eat the past week and every bite of food has been a nightmare. Like someone is cutting my tongue. I lived off soup on Monday to avoid chewing and irritating the cut but even then it hurt so bad. Anyway, today I can feel that it’s starting to turn around finally but it’s really been a struggle.

Yesterday I finally paid a visit to my hairdresser Samantha at Anderson’s to sort out my hair. I seriously felt like a mop when I walked in, I had left this visit for far too long to say the least. She ended up taking quite a bit off to freshen it up but it feels so much better now. She’s absolutely incredible and I’ve never been so happy with my hair since I started going to her. Thanks for another amazing haircut!

I can’t believe it’s December already. Time to get sorted for Christmas and I’m so looking forward to decorating the flat and buying a tree together with Jamie. It’s going to be fun creating our own Christmas this year but at the same time very weird not being with family. We were at IKEA on Tuesday to get some decorations but a lot of their range had a already sold out, it wasn’t even December! We still managed to find some bits.

This  morning I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit this morning so I lit lots of candles in the living room and had my lemon water and pre-yoga snack whilst watching julkalendern as we call it in Sweden. It’s a fifteen minute Christmas programme that’s actually for kids and is shown everyday in December in the lead up to Christmas and it’s a different story every year. It feels like you’re a child again when you watch it. This year’s seems to be really good actually.

Once I had breakfast I headed to the wonderful Kali Collective for a yoga class led by Steph with some of the lululemon girls. It was quite a tough class (my legs were tired from being at Gym G5 yesterday) and I could definitely feel my bum in some of the movements. I was meant to go to the gym in the morning but I’m so happy I went to yoga, I left feeling so relaxed but energised.

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