Times together

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Hi lovelies,

Yesterday I got up nice and early to get to my PT session with Stella. It was freezing outside so she had a killer warm up round prepared for us to get nice and warm. For the rest of the session we practiced overhead squats. If you fillow me on Instagram you already know about this but I had to share here too. When I started training at Gym G5 in May/June I could barely lift the 15kg barbell over my head. I never thought I would be able to get anything heavier up.

I think I started having my PT sessions with Stella about two months ago and since then I’ve noticed gradual changes in my strength and technique. It’s small changes so you don’t sometimes don’t notice them until all of a sudden something happens. Yesterday was one of those days, I managed to overhead squat 30kg?! Where do that come from? I have no idea but was so proud of myself! It just shows that with had work and dedication you can get there. My upperbody strength has always been my downfall and finally it’s getting better. Just set your mind to it and work hard, you will get there! It might take time but fitness is a journey it’s not a destination.

Jamie and I were on a mission yesterday too, to get a Christmas tree. We had Marla all day so she got to join us on our hunt. Whilst we were out we decided to go to Kained Holdings’ (the company Jamie works for) latest unit, The Kelbourne Saint up on Queen Margaret Drive. This old church is apparently well known form the Trainspotting film (I”ve never seen it). The place recently had a 500,000 pound refurb and it looks amazing! The menu looked greeta and it’s dog-friendly. Whilst we were there Marla got two gigantic biscuits from the staff so I think she was very happy with the visit. We had a tea and coffee pitstop there before heading back. We’ll have to try out their food sometime.

On the way back we stopped by Roots And Fruits and after a lot of discussion we decided on a tree. It’s so little and cute and fits perfectly in our living room. Poor Jamie caried it back to the flat in the pouring rain whilst I walked Marla next to him. I felt a bit bad, luckily it wasn’t so big but since it’s potted it was heavier than it looked.

When Marla was picked up by her owners we got ready to head out for our dinner with the gang. The boys all got along great which was fun. Time just flew by and all of a sudden it was time for everyone to head home and prepare for work the next day. I’m off so I was in no rush hehe. When we got home Jamie had some warm ginger water whilst finishing watching The Santa Clause before going to bed.

Today I need to prepare for my treats on Saturday so I need to run to the shops later on. Tonight hopefully Jamie and I will decorate our tree and then I’ll share some photos of it.

Have a great day everyone xxx

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