Sharing my love for healthy food

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Hi dears!

Today I was a bit nervous walking to work. It was time to share my love for healthy food with our yoga crowd in the showroom. I have been working on this for days and using my own recipe is a bit scary, you’re putting yourself out there. Good nutritious food is something I really love and it’s a step towards something I would love to spend my life doing. As I served my first cup my heart was in my throat haha.

I ended up making a coconut vanilla chia pudding with an apple compote and maple toasted oats. It was amazing to hear that everyone loved it. People were coming up to me saying it was delicious. I couldn’t believe it! I made a bit much and there were leftovers so the girls in the showroom were munching away all day and asking if they could have more. It made me so warm inside and happy. Someone asking for more is the best compliment you could ever get when it comes to food.

I’ll put up the recipe for the chia pudding very soon. It’s a great thing to make a big batch of at the beginning at the week to have for breakfast or snacks.

The rest of the day was a lot of fun, the showroom was busy with Christmas shoppers and we were blasting our 90s playlist. I LOVE that playlist, you just can’t not sing or dance along to the songs that come on. At one point we had a drunk group of guys come in to say hi and to have a look at our clothes. Somehow it ended in them getting me to do a pigeon pose in the middle of the shop haha. I love when random stuff like that happens. One of the guys attempted the same pose in jeans, it didn’t go too well to. You need slightly stretchier bottoms on!

This evening I’m just taking it easy. I swung by Riverhill during the day to pick up our mince pies for after boxing tomorrow in the showroom and also picked up a delicious freekeh salad with parsnip and lots of other deliciousness for dinner as a treat. Their salads are amazing! This one was no different. So now I’m watching The Family Stone and heading to bed in a bit. I’m so tired!

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