Hard work pays off

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Hi lovelies!

Last week I had a breakthrough point in my training. It felt amazing and was a huge milestone for me. I came into G5 and I saw that it said rope climbs on the board. Immediately I got flashbacks from P.E. in school where I would desperately try to climb and pull myself up with any success. I was never very good at those sort of things. Therefore, I didn’t think this was even on the cards for me to do. The first round of the WOD I got to the rope climbs and did the scaled version. The second round Faye and Stella said I should give the rope a proper go and after watching Faye I got a better idea of the technique.

So there I was ready to give this rope another go and didn’t really think it was going to be very successful but once I jumped up and got a grip with my shoes (metcons are so awesome!) I started pulling myself up and to my surprise I somehow managed to get all the way to the top. I could not believe that I’ve managed to build that sort of strength without realising it. I felt like Mulan in the scene in the film when she finally manages to climb up the pole to get the arrow. This just shows that if you are committed to your training and constantly push yourself you will see results. It’s taken me months of training to get to this stage. Starting to train in groups and less alone has made such a difference in my strength and willpower. I’ve gotten far in my own training but to take my workouts to the next stage and get challenged again, it’s been great going to Gym G5 and doing PT sessions with Stella. When someone is watching you, it’s easier to push yourself to got that extra mile or do that extra rep. I’m stubborn and want to be as good as everyone else haha.

So if you’re struggling, look into joining a smaller gym where they do proper intense workouts and weights. I used to hate group classes and never thought I left feeling challenged but now I never feel that way. You find strength in you during the workouts you didn’t think you had, which is amazing and makes it all worth it.

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